Savannah Pringle

Savannah Pringle

Not good with numbers? Looking for a mortgage calculation expert to make the process easier? Let us do the work; finance with fiber today!

About Me

You will not be disappointed when working with, and that is a guarantee. Why? Because we are all passionate about making this process as simple and effortless as possible for our clients. We’re the mortgage calculation experts, so you don’t have to be! Whether you are buying your first home or refinancing, I am here to help. It is so important for your objective to be understood, that is why I want to know your financial, personal, and family goals so that I can get you into a mortgage that makes perfect sense.

My background before becoming a Loan Officer is in account management. With my 10+ years in customer service, I have found that there is nothing more gratifying than helping others. I will be your #1 go-to person. Mortgages can be intimidating; my focus is to make sure that my clients understand the entire process and receive top notch service during their mortgage journey. Whether you’re confused about the industry lingo, or just need some additional support, I’m here to provide one-on-one support for you and your family.

I am a Georgia girl through and through, but I have been traveling to the beaches of Florida yearly since I can remember. When I am not working diligently on your loan, I am taking in every moment with my family. We are most likely at the park with our dogs Yeti and Monkey. Or otherwise, making our way to the playground so my stepdaughter can play and run free. Family is the most important thing in life, and I am so thankful to work for a company that values and encourages work/life balance.

Have more questions on the loan process? Want me to run a specific mortgage calculation scenario? Shoot me an email to the address below!

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