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About Me

Getting a loan to buy a house can be a scary process but it doesn’t have to be! My goal is to not only get you the best rate possible but to also take away the stress that often comes with getting a mortgage. Before becoming a loan officer, my background was in customer service and I realized that I could apply the same approach of caring for people in the mortgage industry.

In 2017, I moved to Jacksonville, FL and completed my Master’s in Business the following summer. I joined because I truly believe it is the best way to get a loan. Our approach uses technology and communication to make the process of getting a mortgage as quick and painless as possible. In fact, we can even get a mortgage preapproval letter to you in less than 60 seconds!

From the moment I take your application to the time that you sign at closing, I personally handle your loan financing. Please reach out to me with any questions you have about the mortgage process – even if you aren’t ready to buy just yet. I would love to help you be ready to buy your dream home!

Originally, I am from Wisconsin but decided that I had dug my car out of the snow for long enough and moved to Florida. When I’m not getting you the best rate on a loan, I’m usually spending time with my wife and our dog, Riley. I love my Wisconsin sports teams and pretty much anything that gets me outdoors. I am a two-time lymphoma survivor and I view every day as a gift from God. Connecting with people and learning more about them is one of my favorite things in the world.
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