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Thomas Borchmann

NMLS# 2120037


I’ve had my hand in various aspects of real estate for nearly my entire life. From helping flip houses in my teen years, to owning, selling, and renting my own real estate properties as an adult, it was natural to take the next step in becoming a Mortgage Loan Officer. I’ve worked in both the automotive industry and the oil industry as well, and if there’s one thing I’ve carried with me, it’s to never encourage someone to make a financial decision that I wouldn’t make myself. I’m not here to just write you a loan and disappear. My goal is to develop a lasting partnership with each client, provide sound financial advice, and ensure that your home loan needs are met in a responsible manner that will allow you to achieve your own home ownership and financial goals. 

Buying a home doesn’t have to be a stressful process with the right team in place. You choose your realtor, you choose your inspector, but how often do you let others choose who your loan officer will be? It can be overwhelming to think about, and daunting to send your personal information to multiple people to find someone who has the best rate. But finding the right MLO is more than the cheapest rate and the fastest closing time – it’s about finding someone who understands what you’re trying to accomplish and helps you get there. 

I have lived in Jacksonville, Florida for about two years with my wife and five month old son. When I’m not driving his wife crazy with my singing and dancing around the house, I enjoys practicing jiu jitsu, working on cars (really anything that presents me with a challenge), and playing with my three dogs. If you have questions on the loan process and want to talk to someone who will truly listen to YOUR needs, that’s why I got into mortgages; and why out of all the companies I could work for I picked Fiber. Fiber and I share the same principles at our core. To do what’s right not what’s easy. To be nice, its free and fun. To improve every day. To listen not just hear. To communicate. To always do one more. To keep your promises, all of them. And to BELIEVE. Believe that there is a way to make the complicated simple.



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