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Kacie Goodrich

NMLS# 2269255


They say buying a house is one of the most stressful and exhausting things a person can do. Not knowing the status of your loan, waiting weeks to hear back, and wondering: “Is my loan in Closing? Have I been approved for enough to buy the house I want? What even is an escrow?” It makes the dream of home ownership seem unattainable. I know when we bought our house, it was a fight for almost two months just to get a call back from anyone! I want to make sure that no one I work with will ever have to feel that way. No matter what questions you have or what stage of the loan process you are in, you will always have a contact point to get answers and guidance. One of the biggest pillars of is communication. Our team follows up DAILY, even if there is no news to report, to make sure that every person knows where they stand and what comes next. There is a product for everyone, and even if you aren’t where you think you should be, fiber can help you get there! I have never worked for a company so dedicated to innovation and service level as fiber. That means we close faster and serve better. Serve our borrowers, serve our realtor partners, serve our teammates, and serve our community. I have worked in Hospitality for the better part of two decades, my entire life has been about customer service and helping people. After the experience of closing on my own home, I went in search of a way I could help people have a better experience than I did. I have two pups I love more than anything, Athena Bee and Penelope, and will provide a few (hundred) pictures to prove it. When I’m not walking you through the lightning-fast close process, you might see my husband and I riding our bikes around Murray Hill, appreciating all the beautiful older homes in the area. If you have any questions on anything in the mortgage realm, send me a text or email and we can figure it out together!



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