Deanna Craft

Deanna Craft

Deanna Craft

Marketing Manager
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About Me

Hi! I’m Deanna! I’m the ridiculously perky, easily excitable, consistently smiling face behind‘s marketing and branding campaigns.

I had a college professor tell me (many) years ago that with each exclamation mark (!) we use, our lives get shorter. So by all accounts, I should be dead already 😂

From website creation and design, to innovative branding strategies, promotional marketing materials, lead generation and event planning, I get it done. While most people are typically ‘either’ left-brain dominate (logic)  or right-brain dominate (creativity) – I’m somehow able to juggle and actively enjoy both.

As a native of Jacksonville, Florida, I’m also a regular patron of all “hipster” establishments in the Riverside / Murray Hill area. You know what I’m talking about — Moon River Pizza, Bold Bean Coffee, and Sun-Ray Cinema!

In my personal life – I’m a certified yoga teacher who owns FAR too many pairs of yoga pants, and drinks kombucha almost daily. I love really horrible D-list zombie movies, and cooking with incredibly obscure ingredients.

My partner and I have two cats, and a 10-year old dachshund. On the weekends, you’ll find us piddlin’ in our veggie garden or rummaging through uranium glass at antique stores.


When I'm Vibing and Creating Awesome New Marketing Material, I'm Listening to:

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